[The development is: On going]

My journey to find the perfect setup for digital generative art is pretty long, but now it may have come to an end with Gisp, the tool I made and I'm using at the moment.

Gisp is a Lisp dialect I made 100% focused on giving the right tools to generate procedurally images.

The core program is written in C and it consists in a lisp interpreter that reads a .gisp code file and execute it.

For the core interpreter structure I used this article as a great reference that explain everything you need to create your own little interpreter. It's very minimalist and not too advanced, but perfect to learn the major concepts and it give me freedom to improve it by myself in any way I want.

Right now the project is stable enough to generate images, but this doesn't mean that is prefect.

It still lacks of:

The project also has a companion project called Gisp Editor which, as the name implies, is a tool to edit and run gisp code without having to manually run from the terminal.

Gisp Documentation

Documentation and API reference for Gisp


Lisp in less than 200 lines of C => https://carld.github.io/2017/06/20/lisp-in-less-than-200-lines-of-c.html
Cairo Lib => https://www.cairographics.org
Gisp Repository => https://github.com/elkiwy/gisp
Gisp-Editor Repository => https://github.com/elkiwy/gisp-editor