[The development is: Completed]

The idea

This is one of my earliest project and my first one on my Raspberry Pi. Today I'm thinking of deprecating it and rebuild a much more structured and better alternative to it with one my friend.

RaspberryWallet aims to be one simple solution to keep track of all my income and outcome for my finances.

The most important feature I wanted from this project is to be accessible from anywhere in anytime, and the better thing I though was to create it on top of a Telegram Bot, so anywhere I have access to Telegram I can use it.

This turned out to be a great idea since I can use it as soon as I spend some money in few seconds by sending a simple message.

The workflow

The flow is this:

  1. I send a message to my bot with the amount of money spent or earned and a description
  2. The bot, after verify that the message is from my account, parse it with a python script
  3. The script connects to a Google Spreadsheet and insert a new row into a sheet.
  4. Another sheet then takes the data from the first sheet and present the data in a nice way.

This works somewhat decently, but is nowhere near the ideal way to handle this kind of problems.

Right now I'm still using this since it works, but soon I'll make it from scratch again with a totally different approach.