GlobalGameJam Adventures


Who would ever thought that? I survived another GlobalGameJam. It has not been easy, or painless, but I did it once again. I'm still recovering from the lack of sleep and decent food, but now I'm feeling pretty well and rewarded for this great experience.

Here are some screenshots of "Hull Breach", our game:

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Gisp Editor and Pico8


Happy 2020 folks! As always, it passed much more time than what I was expecting since my last article and I'm pretty sad about this. But I did lots of things since my last update so lets dive into the news!

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Article - Forging new tools


It's been really a long time since the last post, but I was secretly working on a big project in the last month or so, and I can finally announce it here.

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Series - Gates


I really enjoyed the natural look of Scorci , but after that I started to want back some of the regular and geometric feel typical of generative art. So what's better than some natural-ish tree with weird geometric shapes?

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Series - Scorci


After an adeguate amount of time, here we are with another series in our hands. I'm so happy with the result of this one that I'd skip all the unnecessary intro words and jump right into the post!

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Series - Spring Flowers


It's Spring time! This is by far my favorite season of the year both for the warm clean air and for the beautiful show that trees create for us with their flowers.

The idea for this series came by watching a tree right in front of my house. After few times passing beside it each day going to work, I thought that these branches and flowers could be recreated by some code and functions in Clojure.

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Article - Generative Toolbelt


A lot of work was needed, but I now can say that I think it's really worth. I finally managed to split my working project in two pieces, opening my main graphics library to the public making it available to everyone on GitHub!

Here are the links:

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Series - Deep Stars


It's finally time for another artwork series! I'm so happy that I'm almost done with the workflow and editor changes and now I can focus on the actual artwork instead of hopping here and there from editor to editor seeking the perfect setup.

So, before talking about the series I want to spend some few last words about the final workflow in which I'm right now.

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Article - Workflow changes


Phew, finally a new post has arrived. In the previous blog posts I said that I would really try to make a new post every one or two weeks, but this third one already passed the 4th week of silence.
So, "Where you have been?" you may ask. Well, one chunk of time got eaten up by a bit of stress accumulated from my full time job since we have to prepare for a hard deadline for a release. But that was nothing compared to the fact that I also decided to invest the majority of my time into refining my workflow switching up a trivial tool for a programmer: the text editor.

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Series - Color Mountains


A beautiful aspect of generative art is that you always start from the (almost) absolute zero, and as the times goes on you build a set of functions around you that stores all the various things you tried and let you create your own art (and code) style.

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Article - A new Adventure


Welcome everyone! I'm Stefano, and I'm very excited to write this first little introductory post explaining who am I and what this website will be about.

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