About Me - Faqs

-> Who are you?

I'm Stefano, a 25 years old guy who lives in a small lakeside town in Italy and likes to code things.

-> What you use to make your images?

I like to experiment different tools and styles inside my creative process, but lately I found the sweet spot with Quil, a Clojure library based on Processing. Quil give me access to the basic graphics functions and an art friendly environment to work with. I tried many programming languages to make art, but I think that the functional approach to code that Clojure offers really fits into the creative workflow of making generative art. Plus, I'm a full time app developer, so it's nice to switch to something almost completely different when I work at different projects.

-> What's this website for?

I created this website to share my artworks, but also to talk about them and the process that goes behind the scenes to create them.

-> Do you sell prints?

Right now I just started to make art, so I'm not really ready for selling. But if you are interested in buying any of my artworks, please feel free to reach out to me and let me know it!

-> How can I contact you?

You can do so with any of these methods:

Instagram: @elkiwyart
Facebook: Stefano Bertoli
Email: elkiwydev@gmail.com