Article - A new Adventure


Welcome everyone! I'm Stefano, and I'm very excited to write this first little introductory post explaining who am I and what this website will be about.

At the moment I'm writing this I'm 25 years old and I have few years of experience in programming, which I developed mostly as a self-taught with personal projects and studies. In the last couple years I focussed that knowledge and skills into making digital artworks generated through code, and that has been an extremely enjoyable and interesting experience which I suggest to anyone interested in it with a small knowledge of programming to give it a try.

With this website, I'll try to create a blog post once a week (no promise on that, but I'll surely try to keep some sort of schedule) where I'll introduce you new artworks made during that week, and also explaining the creative process behind each piece.
The schedule can vary with times to times since I'm working on this only in my free time outside my full time job, and some weeks can be busier than others.
Since I just started working with a new workflow, the firsts posts will be pretty technical and experimental since I'm still building up some core utility functions.

I love to experiment with different tools, but lately I'm finding myself pretty comfortable with Quil, a Clojure library based on Processing for basic graphics.

Some small snippets of code could occur inside the blog posts, but I don't think that I'll post much more than that because I think that it could ruin the "magic" behind some art pieces (And also I don't feel like to clean my code most of the times).

My non-scholastic experience with code started as a game developer, where I tried a bit of everything inside the game development world. I learned the basics of coding, digital painting, 3D modelling and animations, level and game mechanics design, and a lot more. At the end of that experimental phase I focussed myself on the coding aspect of game dev, with a particular love with procedural generations.
After I started working as a full time developer for a local company, I had fewer time for my personal projects, but I didn't want to stop. So I decided to do generative art as a way to relax with code and colors. This passion kept growing, and now I'm working on this willing to improve and learn more and more about this beautiful world.