Article - Forging new tools


It's been really a long time since the last post, but I was secretly working on a big project in the last month or so, and I can finally announce it here.

Some SVG experiments

Before going for the project I'm announcing below, I changed some part of my usual workflow in order to generate SVG images instead of normal PNG. I decided to do that because I'm thinking of buying an Axidraw V3 to make some of my virtual artworks come into the real word through pen and paper.

To make it work with the pen plotter I had to keep it pretty minimal at the moment, and limiting myself to black and white paths. But often, tight limits stimulate creativity and pushes you to experiment something new finding new styles.


Gisp is a temporary (maybe?) name for a Graphic-oriented Lisp, a lisp dialect I'm working on that gets interpreted into C code and uses Cairo to generate images.

Clojure is a wonderful language, and Quil is a great Processing wrapper for Clojure that works very well. But after a while I wanted a more specific tool with fewer distraction and setup process, so I decided to create my own language, which inherits the Clojure syntax but has a simpler environment tailored to SVG creation.

Right now I'm only aiming at a simple specific tool to create SVG images, but in the future I could expand it to generate PNG and other images format too.

The project starts to be slightly usable, but I still have some major features to implement before being able to produce some artwork with it. So, stay tuned to learn more about it!

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