I always being passionate about games, so as soon as I started learning how to code, the natural thing to do was to try code some games.

Hull Breach

A game about repairing a spaceship trying to escape from bad guys through an asteroids belt.
Made with Pico8 for GlobalGameJam2020.


A deep resource management building and crafting game.
Made with C++ and Allegro.


A local multiplayer game about crating and jumping on waves to kill your opponent.
Made with Gamemaker for the GlobalGameJam2017.


A score-attack speedcrafting ascii game with an abuse of post rendering effects.
Made with Gamemaker.


A game about a bear with a might bear shooting aliens through time and space.
Made with GameMaker.

A bear, a Beard, and a lot of Chainsaws.

A BeardedBear spin off game made for the LudumDare37.
Made with GameMaker.

Escaping the bit

A 1 bit game made for the 1BitJam.
Made with GameMaker.


A shooter game where you shapeshift every five action you take.
Made with Gamemaker for LudumDare35

Get The Fick Out

Silly game about a drunk man, exploding chairs, wild fires, and far-west style saloon.
Made with Gamemaker for LudumDare31.