[The development is: Completed]

I really enjoyed the natural look of Scorci , but after that I started to want back some of the regular and geometric feel typical of generative art. So what's better than some natural-ish tree with weird geometric shapes?

One more tree iteration

This may starts to feel a bit repetitive, but I wanted to get one more artwork with this style. The process to achieve these pieces has been pretty simple this time. I had to take the old tree function and tweak it to accept a path as input for the main trunk. Before these changes, that function was accepting just a single point and a starting direction for the tree to grow, but that had two major problems:

After some changes I had something that could work for what I wanted to do:

Once that the tree was following whatever the path I wanted, I had to find some nice shapes to draw.

The concept was there, but the idea of trees floating mid-air with no roots to keep them anchored somewhere wasn't really right for this kind of artwork, so I had to add something to give some stability to the drawing.

(Sadly I can't show this part of the process because I lost the images from that day)

After some minor tweaks the series was ready to start the full resolution generation.