This section holds every coding project of decent sizes. Often I try to make things Open Source and available on GitHub, but it's not always true, especially for older projects and for the ones I code with other people.


an open source, pure and minimalistic app which helps you maintain productive habits, and nothing more. The app is completely open source, it does not contain in-app or ads, and does not track the user in any way.


A tool to generate code documentation from simple docstring, written in C99.


An Open-source static website builder written in C99.

Gisp Editor

A simple program to edit and run Gisp files written in Electron and ClojureScript.


A Graphic-oriented lisp dialect written in C and Cairo lib for drawing.


A Python module to procedurally generate images using tools that emulates image editing software tools.


A simple set of python scripts to handle wallet transactions through Telegram bot and Google Spreadsheet.