A bear, a Beard, and a lot of Chainsaws.

[The development is: Completed]

This game is another jam game for the LudumDare. This time the theme was "One room".

At the time of this, I was still working on BeardedBear, so I wanted to do some sort of spin off for BeardedBear.

Here, you play as an old Bearded Bear which is now relaxing in his house in the woods after saving the world. But the rangers found you and they want to destroy everything!

To defend yourself and you home you have your trusty machinegun that shoots chainsaws, so those rangers will better be scared!

The gameplay is developed around the concept of defending your home without demolishing it yourself since you are shooting an absurd quantity of chainsaws.


Itch.io Page => https://elkiwydev.itch.io/a-bear-a-beard-and-a-lot-of-chainsaws